Easy Fried Rice

I love dishes that come together quickly and are tasty and healthy. Over the years I have perfected what I think is a wonderful fried rice. Not oily and plenty of veggies to match the rice. The hardest thing you will do is cook one cup of rice. While that's cooking grab a bag of frozen mixed vegetables and use just 8 ounces of that for one cup of rice. I use my larger frying pan to sort of steam/simmer them in the pan with a little water and oil with the lid on for a few minutes. I also blend together a couple of eggs for scrambling and cook those in their own pan with a little butter. You can include some small cubes of ham or another protein. I usually include some very small cubes of tofu that have been nuked in the microwave until they are just a little dry and shrunken. So you have the rice (1), the mixed veggies (2) the lightly cooked scrambled eggs (3), some tofu or bits of meat warmed, and either of these is optional (4) and the final item is two green onions, thinly sliced. I actually leave these raw because I like them like that. When everything is cooked on their own I just add them to the large frying pan and give it all a good stir. Take to the table with soy sauce or any of your favorite asian style condiments. This recipe, with one cup of rice, makes four servings and so I typically eat one serving immediately and divide the remaining rice into three other bowls that I can use for quick dinners or even take to work for lunch.

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