Cranberry Sauce

Thanksgiving 2020 Roundup: I have been apprehensive about Thanksgiving this year. Anyone else? With COVID and quarantine, the motivation to cook a big Thanksgiving meal for two was lacking. But I decided that the leftovers are worth the effort and so I sent my hubby to the store with a grocery list, and everything turned out wonderfully! Over the next few posts I’ll be sharing what we served. The holidays are far from over, so hopefully you can get some inspiration for the rest of the season and for years to come. Cranberry Sauce: My husband doesn’t usually eat a lot of cranberry sauce but I thought if I could kick it up a notch, he might go for it. So I added some large dried chile pieces (I removed the seeds first) and plopped those in with the fresh berries. I let all that simmer for quite a while hoping the chilies would impart a roasty essence, and they did! I wish I’d had some jalapeños to mince and include for additional heat and color - note for next year! When the sauce had simmered to a nice thickness I pulled it off the burner and let it cool. I then removed all the chile skins wiping them down with my fingertips to get all the good stuff off. The color was so lovely, and the taste turned out great. This recipe is definitely one we will repeat.

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